Exploring Romania (part 1)

Romania: a country worth visiting!

2014 was the year when I put the idea that I would have to make at least one trip a year from now on. And then, I started in this country, due to the fact of having a local friend, who was a spectacular guide.

We visited the country from one end to the other, for 2 weeks.

The part of the trip proper to the country was what made me spend more money (almost € 500). This to live on an island had (now we have the low-cost) of these things, it entailed catching a flight to Lisbon and this to Bucharest. Overall, the stay (by having place to stay for most of the days) was at less than half of the aforementioned value.


 It is a country where the cost of living is low and, for a Portuguese with a minimum salary, gives perfectly for a holiday there without great concern (provided that the right places are chosen).
Country filled with magnificent landscapes, with many sheep, to enliven each landscape even more.

Ah … if in the Azores we have cows scattered over all that is pasture, in Romania I even found (besides the sheep), pigs and chickens in pastures!

A fantastic experience was this (in the next 2 pictures), where I had the opportunity to take a ride on a steam train, one of the few in Europe that still circulates on the railways. Mocăniţă, the best known name, is in the region of Maramures, another of the places full of breathtaking landscapes. 



 More photos soon!

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